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Ferry Building of San Francisco

Ferry Building



The San Francisco Ferry Building is a landmark along the Embarcadero.  There is a Marketplace on the ground level and office spaces on upper levels. Above the building is a 245-foot tall clock tower with four clock dials of 22-foot diameter. It is the largest wind-up, mechanical dial clock in the world, although the hands are now powered by electric motors. There is a also heritage street car station located on the pedestrian plaza in front of the building.

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Holiday Lights above 900 N. Michigan of Chicago

N20131212-DSC05569The 900 North Michigan of Chicago is multi-use building containing a seven-story atrium shopping mall, a hotel, office spaces, residences, and parking garage. It is a skyscraper by its own right ….. 66 floors and 265m high. However, the building falls short when it compares to the Hancock Tower across the street, which rises up to 100-story and 340m high. I took this night photo from the 94th floor of the Hancock Tower. The colourful holiday lights atop the 900 N. Michigan building stood out from the golden background rendered by the tungsten city lights.

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Angel Orensanz Foundation in New York City

Angel Orensanz Foundation

Interior space of the Angel Orensanz Foundation


The Gothic Revival style building is located at 172 Norfolk Street, Lower East Side of Manhattan. Built in 1849, it is the oldest surviving synagogue building in New York City. Spanish sculptor and painter Angel Orensanz purchased the property in 1986, restored it as an art gallery and performance space. The building was later designated a historic landmark by the City, and it has become known as the Angel Orensanz Foundation Center for the Arts. The building’s interior resembles that of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. The venue is available for wedding receptions, parties, and special events.

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The Secret Passage in Central Park

The Secret Passage

The Secret Passage

The Bethesda Terrace, overlooking the Lake at Central Park, has two levels connected by a pair of grand staircases. There is also a third staircase that leads to a passage under the 72nd Street Cross Drive to the lower Terrace. While the staircase looks rather ordinary, the lower passage is absolutely astonishing. It makes you feel that you are in a secret underground chamber that may contain ancient artifacts and hidden treasures.

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Bee Hives at the Valley of Fire

Bee Hives Rock Formation

Bee Hives Rock Formation

The Valley of Fire is a State Park of Nevada located 55 miles away from Las Vegas.  The Beehives are sandstone formations that can be found near the west entrance of the park.

The Bee Hives are caused by wind erosion or Aeolian processes. When sand is removed by wind and transported across the desert to form sand dunes, rock surfaces are abraded along the way. The end results are sculpted rocks with unusual shapes due to the artistic work of nature.

While photographing this dreamy landscape, I had the feeling that I was teleported to Planet Mars.


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