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Sunset at West Kowloon

Sunset at West Kowloon

Beautiful sunset view from the waterfront of West Kowloon District. The small island in the distance bears a little resemblance to the Chinaman’s Hat in Oahu, Hawaii.

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Sunset at the SaddleDome of Calgary

Sunset at SaddleDome

Sunset at SaddleDome

It was a picture perfect evening when I took this photo of the SaddleDome in Calgary (Alberta, Canada) two years ago. Saddledome is the venue for sports and entertainment, and home of the Flames Hockey Club. Last week, the city suffered massive flooding due to heavy rainfall. Mandatory evacuation orders and state of emergency were issued for several Calgary communities along the Elbow River. The lowest ten rows of the Saddledome arena were completely submerged in water, as well as the player’s dressing room. It was a major disaster for Calgary and I hope the city will quickly rebound from it.

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Rainbow Chasing on Fogo Island

Rainbow over Fogo Island

Rainbow over Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada

The locals say that Fogo Island is located at the “Edge of the World”. Indeed, this small island sits near northeast coast of the Island of Newfoundland, Canada. The place is so far out that it even has its own time zone …. a full 30 minutes ahead of the EST!!!  Yes, that means the villagers of Fogo Island experience sunrise half-an-hour ahead of the New Yorkers.

I was on the island photographing for three days, from dawn till dusk. The last day was a stormy one and I figured that I had already shot everything of interests, so I left my cameras behind before going out to my friend’s place for dinner. As I was waiting for meal to be ready, I noticed that the rain has finally stopped, and the sun was re-emerging from behind the dark clouds. All of sudden, a full rainbow appeared in the sky and I knew I had just committed the biggest mistake of a photographer … not carrying the camera with me at all times. So I rushed back to my place to get the camera, as the house was only 10 minutes away, but it seemed taking forever to get there. By the time I got the camera back in my hands, the rainbow had already faded with the setting sun. There was no longer a full arch, but I still managed to catch the tail end of the rainbow; before the sun had completely disappeared. When I looked at my shots of the fading rainbow,  I was so pleased that the Fogo Island sunset was at least 30 minutes later than anywhere else in North America ….

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