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Fall Morning at Pinhey’s Point

Pinhey's Point

Pinhey’s Point

Pinhey’s point is an historic site located on the ottawa River in Eastern Ontario, Canada. The site consists of 88 acres of park land, a nearly 200 year old stone manor house, two barns, scenic views of the River and several stone ruins.

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O Canada ….

Canada Day Firework 2009



The Dominion of Canada was born under the terms of Confederation in 1867, when the colonies of Upper Canada (Ontario), Lower Canada (Quebec), Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, decided to form one country.

Every year, thousands of people flock to Ottawa, the nation’s capital, to celebrate the country’s birthday on July 1. There are concert performances and entertaining activities around the Parliament Building all day long. At 10pm, a spectacular firework display over the Rideau River wraps up the celebration event.



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Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica of Ottawa


Grand Entrance of the Notre Dame Cathedral

The Notre Dame Cathedral is the largest and oldest standing Catholic church in Ottawa, capital of Canada. The building’s structure was constructed between 1841 and 1865, and the interior ornamentation, from 1876 to 1885. The exterior of the Notre Dame Cathedral is characterized by its two tall, shimmering, tin-tops, with a golden statue of Holy Mary standing in between.


Holy Mary and the Twin Tin-Tops

The interior of the church has many stunning features, including elaborate wooden carvings, colorful stained-glass windows, Gothic arches and terraces supported by narrow columns, not to mention the indigo ceiling sprinkled with gleaming stars. As some may say, “The Devil is in the Details”.


Interior Architecture of the Notre Dame Cathedral


Details, details, details ….


Ceiling of the Covered Asiles


Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars

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CN Tower, Toronto ….. All The Time

Toronto by day/Night

There is something strange about this image of the CN Tower in Toronto …. see if you can tell what it is.

Yes … the image consists of both day and evening scenes of downtown toronto. I took two photos from the same spot at different times of the day, and selectively combined them in Photoshop. The result is a portrait of a Canadian city that is beautiful around the clock.

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Infra-Red-Hot Wolves, Ice Cold Bears, and Warming Beaver Tails

Infra - Wolf pack artwork on display at 2012 Winterlude Festival, Ottawa, Canada

Winterlude is an annual winter festival held in Ottawa, capital of Canada. The event usually runs through the first three weekends in February and attracts thousands of visitors each year. The festival features a variety of outdoor activities, including international ice sculpture competitions, music concerts, children playgrounds, ice lounge, public skating, etc.

The ice sculptures and other artworks are on display at the Crystal Palace in Confederation Park; and are best viewed in the evening when they are illuminated. One of the standouts this year is “Infra”, created by Tonya Hart of Toronto. The artwork is a large display of wolf pack, scattered all over the park. The wolves are made of fiberglass, polyurethane resin and pigments. The artist uses infrared imaginary to represent the thermal energy connection shared by warm-blooded wild animals and human beings. The beautifully presented artwork certainly connects to many viewers.

Schooling - 25th Rogers International Ice Carving Competition

The 25th Rogers International Ice Carving Competition is one of the major attractions of Winterlude. “Schooling”, one of this year’s many entries, is an ice sculpture of an adult bear teaching its two cubs how to fish. When you are tired after walking around, admiring the sculptures, you may relax at the Ice Lounge inside the Crystal Palace. Everything inside the lounge is carved out of ice slabs … the bar, tables, chairs, couches, bed, everything!

Beaver Tails food stand on Rideau Canal, in front of Ottawa Convention Center

Ice skating on the frozen Rideau Canal is yet another must-do outdoor activity of the festival. With a 60 mile stretch opened for public skating , it is the largest rink in the world. If you feel hungry after all the activities, you must line up for the famous Canadian pastry at one of the BeaverTails food stands. There is one located right on the Rideau Canal’s ice surface, just in front of the brand new Ottawa Convention Center. The pastry is served warm and does wonder to the stomach in the cold weather.

The BeaverTails is a trademark of a line of fried dough pastries, hand stretched to resemble a beaver’s tail. The product received national media attention when it was served at the Canadian embassy during Obama’s inauguration. When U.S. President Obama visited Ottawa on Feb 19, 2009, he made a special stop at the Byward Market on his way to the airport to buy a BeaverTails pastry. The “Obama Tail” is now an official item on the menu. You may also find the BeaverTails pastry at the Canadian Pavilion inside the Epcot Center, Disney World Resort, Florida.

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