The Long Corridors of Murray House (美利樓)

27 Jan

The ground level corridor of Murray House

Murray House (美利樓) is a Victorian building originally located in the Central District of Hong Kong. It was built in 1844 as officers’ quarters during British rule and named after Sir George Murray, the British Master-general of the Ordnance. In 1982, the historical landmark was dismantled to make room for the Bank of China. Over 3,000 of the original building blocks were kept and used for restoration of the building in Stanley in 1998.

Muarry House restored in Stanley

The Murray House has a total of 3 levels. The long corridor at ground level is a true architectural beauty, as seen in the featured photo above. The first and second floor housed several restaurants, with exterior seating along the balcony-corridors, offering breath-taking sights of the Stanley bay area. Which view do you prefer? Upstairs or Downstairs?

Restaraunt seating along the balcony-corridor on second level of Murray House

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